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A keyword match type generator is a tool that helps you generate variations of your keywords with different match types, such as broad match, broad match modifier, phrase match, and exact match. Change your keyword match types fast and easy with our , free keyword generate match types tool.

About keyword match type free tool?

This tool can be used to change bulk keyword match types in Google AdWords. It's 100% free to use. Our free Keyword Match Type Tool use to modify the match types of broad match, phrase match, and exact match in Google Adwords campaigns.

keyword match type free online tool

A keyword match type generator is a tool that allows you to input a list of keywords and generate variations of those keywords with different match types. The four main match types are:

  • Broad match: This is the default match type and will show your ad to users who search for variations of your keyword, including misspellings, synonyms, and related searches.
  • Broad match modifier: This match type allows you to specify which words in your keyword must appear in a user's search query in order for your ad to be triggered.
  • Phrase match: This match type requires the user's search query to match your keyword phrase exactly, although other words may appear before or after the phrase.
  • Exact match: This is the most specific match type and requires the user's search query to match your keyword exactly, with no additional words before or after.

How to Use keyword wrapper tool

  1. Enter keyword phrases into the box below ( Enter keyword per line).
  2. Click on button which type of match type you want
  3. This tool automatically generate the 'Wrap Keywords'. within a seconds

Let's take an example: You have a document of 100+ keyword lists and want to Change these keyword phrase match types from broad to exact match, Rather you can do it manually, or use our change keyword match type tool , Just copy all keyword lists and paste into the above box and choose the keyword match type. It's done now

How do you change match type on keyword?

You can also do it in google Adword as well just follow the step Go to the campaign, select the keywords tab → select all keywords → edits → match types → select broad, exact, or phrase. Here is a full tutorial on different keyword match types in Google ads.

Quickly & Easy Wrap Keywords and Phrases in Broad Match Modified, Phrase, and Exact Match

You can use this free tool to wrap your bulk keyword lists phrases into different match types in helpseotools. Each keyword will be matched according to the choices you make.

For PPC campaigns, you can automatically modify your keyword list to match the appropriate match type by using keyword match free tool. This is a broad match, broad match modifier, exact match, and phrase match tool for use with Google Ads and other Advertising.

Keyword match type generator

This tool have 7 types of way to generate Keyword match types
  1. All Match Type Keywords.
  2. Phrase Match Negative Keywords.
  3. Exact Match Negative Keywords.
  4. Broad Match Modified Type Keywords.
  5. Phrase Match Type Keywords.
  6. Exact Match Type Keywords.
  7. Negative Match Type Keywords.

keyword match types examples :

Modifier Symbol Example Phrase Conditions that trigger a match Example search
Broad match NoneKeyword Match Type Online Tool Misspellings, synonyms, plurals, modified terms, any order, and similar searches.
Broad match modifier++Keyword +Match +Type +Online +Tool Each word or it’s modification must exist in any order. No synonyms and related searches.
Phrase match" "" Keyword Match Type Online Tool " The phrase and near variations in the same order appear anywhere in the search term.
Exact match[][ Keyword Match Type Online Tool ]Exact search or a close variation. No other words can exist.

If you need more information on how to understand Keyword Match Types or how to use our free Keyword Match Type Tool, check out the google blog post.


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